About the Good House

In 1886, Henry J. Scott, a Philadelphia based attorney, purchased 50 acres of land and laid out the streets of a new development, Llanwellyn, Welsh for “Spring has Come”.

John Lewis Good (02.03.1853 – 03.02.1919), a Major in the Pennsylvania National Guard, President of the Board of Health, and owner of the family undertaking business purchased 8 lots (over one acre of land) in the new Llanwellyn development in 1889. He built the three bedroom Queen Anne Victorian house as a summer home for his family; Mary C. Good (06.12.1856 – 12.10.1920), John W. Good (11.12.1875 – 05.01.1934), and Florence Good VonGoldberg (05.22.1877 – 08.16.1955).

Between 1900 and 1908, James H. Clark (11.17.1856 – 12.18.1909) purchased the Good house for his family; Jennie F. Ashley Clark (08.04.1859 – 07.24.1918), John H. Clark (10.04.1892 – 08.22.1951) and Irene H. Clark (xx.xx.1853 – xx.xx.xxxx).

In 1918, with the passing of Mrs. Clark, the home was sold to Edward W. Saybolt (06.18.1858 – 03.12.1927) and his wife, Eliza R. Bowels Saybolt (07.02.1859 – 12.29.1943). Over the next 26 years, the Saybolts will host both of their grown daughters and their families in the home, carving out living space on the third floor for their grandchildren, adding heating, lighting, and a bathroom.

In 1944, the Good house became home to the Coronway family of Archie Todd, his wife Marjorie and their three daughters. 126 years after construction, my family purchased the Good home and we are adding our mark and making our memories, just as the Goods, Clarks, Saybolts, and Coronways have done.