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Twelve Enticing Facts

Twelve Enticing Facts

In 1886, Henry J. Scott, a Philadelphia based attorney, purchased 50 acres of land and laid out the streets of a new development, Llanwellyn, Welsh for “Spring has Come”.

John Lewis Good (02.04.1853 – 03.02.1919), a Major in the Pennsylvania National Guard, President of the Board of Health, and owner of the family undertaking business purchased 8 lots (over one acre of land) in the new Llanwellyn development in 1889. He built the three bedroom Queen Anne Victorian house as a summer home for his family; Mary C. Good (06.12.1856 – 12.10.1920), John W. Good (11.12.1875 – 05.01.1934), and Florence Good VonGoldberg (05.22.1877 – 08.16.1955).

After purchasing the lots, Major Good, had the large Queen Anne Victorian home designed and built. As a summer home, the house was not built with heat, electric light, or a bathroom. The house was built with one fireplace in the main living area, and utilized oil lamps for light during the dark hours at the end of the day. Outhouses and septic tanks were used by the residents of the Llanwellyn development and many had to dig wells for water and build running water systems for their houses.

Most likely a marketing campaign by Henry J. Scott, the above map and 12 Facts about the Llanwellyn development was published. Who wouldn’t want to build a home here??? Personally, the idea of “no liquor saloons” (# 8) turns me off, but for a 6 1/2 cent fare to Philadelphia by train, I guess I could let that slide 😉

  1. LLANWELLYN STATION – This station located on North Bonsall Avenue, just east of West Ashland Avenue is only 8 miles from Broad and Market Streets. Also at Knowlton, on the new B. and P.R.R. (Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road) 7 miles from the new station at 24th and Chestnut Streets
  2. ALTITUDE – The Official Surveyor says of it: In the actual measurement, I find the altitude above the mean low tied at Philadelphia, of Sharon Hill, is 64.9 feet; LLANWELLYN, 101.65’; Moore’s 93.95’; Ridley Park, 73.74’; and Chester, 24.35’. Therefore LLANWELLYN is 7.70’ higher than any other ground between Philadelphia and Chester.
  3. AVENUES – wide, opened, and with Board Walks.
  4. TREES – “Lombardy Poplars” – the best of shade trees, on both sides of all avenues
  5. BUILDING MATERIALS – Stone of fine quality and sand on the place, thus materially reducing the cost of building.
  6. RAILROAD PROXIMITY Just 500 feet or 1 ½ minutes “by the watch”, to Glenolden Station, and only 150 feet or 25 seconds to Knowlton Station.
  7. RAILROAD FACILITIES – 43 trains daily on the Pennsylvania Railroad, time – 20 minutes, fare – 6 ½ cents. On the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 12 trains daily, (to be increased), time – 18 minutes, fare – 5 cents.
  8. RESTRICTIONS – No buildings of an offensive nature, no factories, no liquor saloons – thus securing a quiet, enjoyable home for all future time.
  9. SURROUNDINGS – A rapidly increasing country, with many costly residences owned by wealthy Philadelphians. Churches, Public Schools, Good Roads, etc. etc.
  10. ADVANTAGES – The land has a Frontage of 20 feet on the Darby Turnpike, with a stone wall its entire front. Is absolutely level, with just enough pitch for drainage, and being so high is therefore very dry. A Presbyterian Church is already built, many fine private residences are in course of erection. Disinterested Real Estate Experts who have seen it pronounce it the best ground ever in the market, and to have more advantages than any other land within 20 miles of Philadelphia.
  11. TERMS – $25 down and balance in cash or monthly payments as desired.
  12. PRICES – The lowest ever offered.

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