The Secretary gets a facelift

As I sit and write this, my son is in the next room watching his tablet and sleeping while he runs a fever… I needed a distraction this evening, I thought writing this would help. Over a year ago now, I saw a Facebook marketplace posting for a secretary desk, like this one, but it had been “restored.” I hate […]

Pandemic Lighting

I have been thinking lately of the lighting projects that I have tackled over the past couple years while the world patiently waits for COVID-19 to go away, and realized that during this time, I have basically installed about 50% of the house lighting.

When the weather turns cold…

When the Philadelphia weather turns cold, you stay indoors and work on furniture! I have been learning a new skill (re-upholstery) on YouTube and taking my cheap Facebook Marketplace finds and turning them into something that, in addition to smelling better (why does every old chair smell like old lady powder???), are beautiful and functional. These comfortable but FILTHY chairs […]

Buffet Makeover

Once upon a time, before the Facebook marketplace was a “thing”, there was a super scary website called Craigslist. I am not sure who “Craig” is, or why he has a list, but it WAS the place to find old things for cheap (or be snatched by a crazy person). And this my friends is where our story begins…. I […]

Free is for Me!

Scrolling through Facebook Marketplace on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in my hand before the house wakes up is one of my favorite things to do. I can endlessly flip through weird and interesting things my neighbors are selling and think to myself, “lady, it is a velvet painting of a dog, not the Mona Lisa, you […]

Dashing through the…decorating

The week of Thanksgiving, I was pumped to start my Christmas decorating! I felt that it was already December and I was ready! Then I brought the boxes up from the basement and a sense of dread and procrastination washed over me.

COVID-19 = Boredom = Projects, the front door

As we hunkered down to flatten the curve, wash our hands, and stay safe, I, like many of you started looking around my home and thinking… I could tackle that project! It started small and simple… the front door step. Painted a soothing shade of “jail bird gray”, the step had seen better days. A previous owner had simply painted […]