When it is too hot outside…

In 1890, the Good House was an escape from the city heat of Philadelphia, but in 2021, there is no relief from the heat and humidity except to stay inside the, wonderful modern convenience necessity, air conditioning. So to escape the bugs and sweat of the porch, I moved indoors to buy things on Facebook Marketplace and make them pretty 🙂

I found a “card table” that needed a little love. The original function was to open and pivot allowing for a small table to be stored in-sight and opened when guests came to play cards. Unfortunately, this little gem had been modified so that it no longer pivoted, but still very pretty.

I removed the table top(s) and removed the chalk paint (please people, stop with the chalk paint). I could then see that the wood was actually mahogany and required a little extra effort to give it that smooth finish.

Mahogany is a is a straight-grained, reddish-brown wood with open grain. Topcoats sink into the open grain making for a less than smooth finish, so a grain filler is needed… which is NOT the same as wood filler.

The base had several spaces of damage from misaligned screws, so I busted out the Bondo and prepared to paint the base (sad face). In order to repair some of the damage, I had to make a mold of the opposite, undamaged side of the table. I used my hot glue gun (which I never use) to create a mold.

I have to say, the process worked very well! I was able to match the table side and sand it smooth.

I chose a high gloss Rust-oleum hunter green paint (which hubs hates) and painted in the morning (as the sun was coming up) and then brought the pieces indoors to dry without the humidity. Then I used some Annie Sloan Gilding Wax in warm gold that I had left over in the basement from another project gone wrong on the feet and decorative molding.

At first I wasn’t sure where to put it, but it has found a home in the foyer/hall In this odd little space next to the stairs and radiator. This spot has been home to many things over the past five years but nothing ever worked as well as this piece.

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