Burned Out

Is there anyone else out there who is feeling burned out from life???? Since I was sent home from work in March of 2020, I feel as though I have been working from dawn to (past) dusk. I wake to laundry and dishes, prepare the boy for daycare, work in my space, pick up the boy from daycare, and go right back to work, but this time on the house. Dinner, baths, and Lego video games (life with a 5 year old) are mixed in sporadically, but it is basically rinse and repeat.

I have had NINE different return to site dates, and while I applaud my company’s stance of keeping everyone safe and the plant supporting our customer, I do miss the mental break of going to the office and coming home allowed me. I had at least 20 minutes in the car listening to head banging metal by myself… I find that I am never alone now.

Working from home has afforded me the opportunity to tackle larger projects, being able to take vacation days has provided the time to finish things that are in need of repair, but I do feel as though if I sit down to watch an episode of Downton Abbey or the Walking Dead (boy are those opposite ends of the viewing spectrum!) that I am neglecting the Good House and all that needs to be done to keep her standing. Why is that? Is it just me, or are there others out there feeling this way?

A very short and depressing little blurp. I have three blog posts sitting in various stages of completion, but lack the ability to sit at the computer any more than is necessary right now, so this will be it for now.

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